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Gary Koch (far left) and Doug Brehme (back) Pro Junior Tournament at Temple Terrace Country Club”


  • My wife Peg and I just completed a three day golf school at The Reunion Golf Resort in Orlando with Doug. I have played golf since I was about ten (40 years + now) and Peg is new to the game at the age of 55. Doug was very patient with us, especially Peg. We worked on everything… putting, chipping, pitching, irons, metals, etc. After lunch Doug worked with us on the course as well, played nine holes with him. Peg is GREATLY improved and I now probably have the best swing I have ever had. We are anxious to return to the course and range to continue practicing what we learned from Doug. Peg is actually now confident enough to play rather than just hit at the range, pretty exciting. Not sure at this point how many strokes Doug has taken off my game but I’m sure it’s 10++. Highly recommend Doug as a PGA Professional teacher!

-Ken Schmidt

  • It’s been almost a year since I started taking lessons with Doug Brehme. The highlight of my week is our one -hour lesson.  He prepares me for my weekly golf league outings. Since taking lessons with Doug, my handicap has come down 10 strokes, and on a really good day, even more. My drive, although not too bad in the beginning, has now become much more powerful with increased distance. Most of the men on my amateur league tell me that I need to hit from the men’s tee box. They are only half joking. In the beginning my iron play was low; shots went to the left. Now my iron play is up high and only slightly left; sometimes it’s nearly perfect. One of the most important things Doug has taught me is pitching around the green.  Just a few lessons with Doug will turn your game around.  He is a great coach and person and I look forward to getting better and better with his help. Trust me, a great PGA coach like Doug, and practice, does help your game. He is patient, kind, to the point, knowledgeable and makes the lessons fun. I am his number one fan and would never take lessons from anyone else.

-Dianne Bulluck


  • I have been playing sports most of my life. Golf has really never been my strong suit but I have always enjoyed going out and hitting the links when I can. I have never had any intention to get golf lessons until I met Doug. He saw me swing a couple times and I knew he  wanted to help me with my swing. He not only straightened me but he also help build my confidence when I’m hitting the ball and playing with others. His professionalism and methods are excellent and I would refer Doug to anyone that wants to improve their game greatly!

-Ryan Chavis

  • I highly recommend Doug Brehme, a PGA Professional, as a golf instructor. I am 76 years old and had never played golf before taking lessons from Doug. His instruction has opened a new enjoyable hobby for me. I enjoy his lessons, his friendship, and his patience in developing my swing and instructing me in other facets of the game.

-Doug Menard

  • I have gone for years saying, “I do not need lessons.” But as every golfer knows, the constant struggles are very frustrating. So I called Doug for lessons and he has changed my game. His teaching philosophy includes understanding basics such as your grip, alignment and posture. No technical thoughts!  My handicap was a 9 when I first started taking lessons. Now I’m a 4 handicap; I dropped 5 strokes in a month. He has taught me the right way to practice. I 100% guarantee Doug is one of the top PGA Teaching Professionals in the Bay Area.

               -Darren Thomas


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Louis Winters

    I have known Doug for over 40 years. He is a great gentleman, very knowledgeable and skilled player and I know he can help golfers of all skill levels. -Louis Winters

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